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Z-GasoRedux is an application for various mobile platforms (Android, iPhone, Pocket PC and Symbian) which shows the location of the closest service stations to your position, ordered by price (default option), or configurable by type of service you need (sale of butane gas, bread, firewood, press availability, etc).

The intelligent module of calculation will show only those service stations where the fuel saving makes up for the distance, discard those whose opening hours are out of the estimated time of arrival, take into account traffic information, etc.

Z-GasoRedux eis also a powerful manager of fuel, which allows you to automatically enter through an OBD-II device (sold separately) refueling information, distance traveled since the last filling up, etc.

If you do not have the OBD-II device, you can enter information about each refueling, either by scanning the ticket through the device's camera or manually.

Z-GasoRedux has a complete statistical analysis, which graphically displays information on fuel saving, distances traveled, etc, that can be saved and exported to other formats.

Z-GasoRedux will save you time and money in an effective and intuitive way.